CT room X-ray radiation shielding lead glass

            x ray shielding lead glass 1. Abt x ray shielding lead glass: Lead equivalent :at 110 kV 2.1 mm PbDensity 4.46gm/cmMax size 2.4*1.2mRefractive index 1.717200Application:Cardiology, CT, Radiology, Mammography, Urology, Surgery  Type Index of refraction D

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            x ray shielding lead glass 

1. Abt x ray shielding lead glass: 

Lead equivalent :at 110 kV 2.1 mm Pb
Density 4.46gm/cm
Max size 2.4*1.2m
Refractive index 1.717200
Cardiology, CT, Radiology, Mammography, Urology, Surgery

 Type Index of refraction Density Lead equivalent light transmittance PBo%
 ZF3 1.71720 4.46g/mm 0.24mmpb/mm >85% 61.03%
 ZF6 1.75500 4.77g/mm 0.27mmpb/mm Less than 85% 65.06%
 ZF7 1.0600 5.2g/mm 0.33mmpb/mm Less than 85% 71%

2. Terms of  x ray shielding lead glass:

Payment terms: T/T; Western Union.
Shipment terms: FOB Qingdao, Tianjin, Shanghai.
Delivery time: Abt 3 days after your payment
Packing details: 40mm foams and wooden case

CT Room X Ray Radiation Shielding Lead Glass

3. Lead glass viewing windowsare an important feature for any scanning room, safely allowing the operator to view their patient in a protective environment.

Depending on your requirements, lead glass can be provided at any size, and the lead material used in the glass can vary depending on the strength of protection needed.

This type of glass ensures excellent protection against gamma and x-rays.

Leaded glass offered by Changxin can be integrated into all room shielding systems, including:

X-ray rooms
CT Scanning rooms
Medical diagnostic rooms
Radiation protection doors
Nuclear doors
Medical performance doors
Surgery rooms
Radiation stations


Protective radiation shielding from equipment in the 100-300kv range
Optional range of 511kv for Nuclear Medicine
High barium and lead content for optimum protection
Neutral appearance
Lead glass supplied cut to size
Lead glass available with lead lined frame


Glass resists scratches much better than plastic.
Radiation protection glasses exhibit high UV resistance.
When taken care of properly, they will last for a long time.
High protection against gamma and x-rays.
Complies with all international standards.
High transparency.
Available in all geometric shapes.

4. Our honours of 
 x ray shielding lead glass and the related products:

CT Room X Ray Radiation Shielding Lead Glass

5. Quality control of x ray shielding lead glass :

5.1 Inclusions (Bubbles, Stones, Knots)

No inclusions are permitted which impede free viewing with the eye.  


5.2 Cords

No cords are permitted which impede free viewing with the eye.


5.3 Surface defects

No surface defects are permitted which impede free viewing with the eye.  


5.4  Form features

All glasses are processed with a cut edge and 2 x seam.

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